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iShare West 2017

His Power

What if it's true that nothing is impossible with Him?

Ontario Convention Center

August 18 - 19

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Carlton Byrd
Dr. Carlton P. Byrd is the Senior Pastor of the Oakwood University Church, and the Speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Television Broadcast. In his nineteen years of pastoral leadership, Dr. Byrd has constructed and renovated churches, baptized over 3,000 persons, amongst many other achievements. Dr. Byrd founded the Berean Outreach Ministry Center in Atlanta, GA, which is a community-based ministry that houses a youth activity center, barber shop, beauty salon, health/fitness center, vegetarian sandwich shop, clothes’ closet, and food pantry.
Jerry & Janet Page
Jerry Page is the secretary of the General Conference Ministerial Association and is responsible for coordinating all of its ministries, publications, and World Church initiatives. Jerry was the president of the Central California Conference and previously the Pennsylvania Conference. He is married to Janet Page and they have two grown sons and grandchildren.
Nathan Shires
Nathan Shires was born and raised in the United States as the son of an Adventist Pastor. Early in his life he began to sense God's calling toward ministry, but spent the greater part of high school and the first year of college at Walla Walla University running from that conviction. In spring of 2009, Nathan encountered God in a life-changing way while on a mission trip in Guyana and decided to devote the rest of his life to ministry. Since then, he has spent five years traveling with Messiah's Mansion as the Assistant Director, attended AFCOE, and is currently completing his B.A. in Theology at Southern Adventist University.
Anil Kanda
Anil Kanda is a former Hindu with a Sikh background. Approximately 11 years ago, someone shared end-time prophecies with him, and he was transformed by the beautiful truths of God’s Word. Aniil has been involved in evangelism in many parts of the world and currently works as a pastor. You’ll love his energetic approach to the Bible and his deep, provocative insights into life’s toughest problems. Learn to share in the most precarious and challenging situations, making no apologies for what you believe!
Ben Guerrero
Pastor Ben is a world-traveler who enjoys experiencing other cultures, learning new things, and laughing at a good joke. He seeks to grow more dependent on God than himself, connect others to the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ, and serve his community by the power of the Holy Spirit. He ministers at Temple City Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Heidi Carpenter
Heidi Carpenter began a real relationship with Jesus at the age of 16. After falling in love with Jesus and getting involved in ministry, she went to SOULS West, Pacific Union’s School of Evangelism. Since graduation, she has worked as a Bible worker and the Associate Director of Literature Ministries for the Central California Conference. Currently, Heidi serves as the Literature Ministries Director for the Southern California Conference and has completed her BS in Business Management. She is happily married to Andrew Carpenter, Religion Teacher at San Gabriel Academy. They love serving God together, sharing the gospel with others!
John Torquato
John Torquato enjoys empowering church members to reach out to their communities through sacrificial acts of loving kindness. He is experienced in helping those with chronic lifestyle related disease overcome their illness through obedience to natural laws that God intended for our benefit. He is the medical director of Total Health Spokane, an outreach effort of church members seeking to bless the city of Spokane starting in the fall of 2017- Winter 2019.
Wayne Kablanow
Wayne Kablanow is a church planting pastor and the Church Planting Coordinator for UCC. He is currently planting and building two churches in the Spokane area. He has a passion to reunite the gospel work with the medical work because he believes that Christ-like work for the body and Christ-like work for the soul is ONE work.
Ranela Kaligithi
Ranela Kaligithi gave her life to God when she was 15 years old. She decided to devote her life to full-time ministry, including preaching evangelistic meetings, doing Bible work and leading the Literature Ministries Department in her conference. She is currently working toward an MBA and works in the office of Adventist World Radio in Silver Spring, MD. During her downtime, Ranela enjoys cooking, reading and heart-pumping exercise.


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Sabbath August 19



Ontario Convention Center
2000 E Convention Center Way
Ontario, CA 91764
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Radisson Hotel Ontario Airport ($73 / night)
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